Ice Hockey is an Olympic event from Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games. It is a team event in the Canadian Hockey Place.

How to PlayEdit

Two teams play against each other. Three people are playing while the forth person is the goalie. There are 2 periods by default. When the announcer says "start", Charmy Bee comes in with the puck. When the announcer says "set," Charmy drops the puck and the player who presses A at the right time passes the puck to his/her teammate. Players can move with the nunchuk, pass or steal the puck with A, and shoot or body check by swinging the Wii Remote. Players pass the puck to get it charged up. Successfully scoring a goal gives 1 point to the team who scored and Charmy resets the puck. Each period has a time limit. When time is up, the game moves to the next period where the teams switch places. When time is up for the last period, the team with more points win. If it is a tie, an extra period starts. When someone scores, it ends the game.


During training, the player must break at least 8 ice blocks before time runs out.

Dream eventEdit

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A dream event based on Ice Hockey takes place in Bowser's Castle.